Staging an Opera Performance

Opera performances require a large variety of talents and direction. When the curtain comes up on opening night, every person involved with the performance must execute their part flawlessly. This takes many hours of practice and direction by a group of experts. Opera combines music played by an orchestra with singers. The opera singers must be able to act out their parts as well as sing the music. This combination of orchestra, singing and acting requires a minimum of two experts in different theater arts.

Music is the most important facet of an opera performance. Both the singers and the instrumentalists must perform together for the opera to succeed. The conductor has overall control of both the orchestra performers and the stage actors that sing. The stage director is responsible for helping the singers physically perform their parts. They must know where to stand and how to move during the performance. The stage director is also responsible for coordinating with the set designer, the costumer and the backstage control over props and lighting.