Conductor’s Choice of Instrumentalists

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Staging an Opera Performance

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The Continuing Saga of Opera

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Going to the Opera House

Attending live performances has always been a treat for audiences, but those who love opera can find their anticipation growing as the first performance of...

Performances of opera and musicals on stage are a good way to be completely immersed in music. While the orchestra plays the music, the stage is filled with singers and actors. These people perform the songs while acting out the lyrics. Songs are joined together through action and occasional dialogue to tell a complete story. This combination creates an immersion experience where the audience gets more out of each note than just listening to a song.

Music videos have become popular, but they do not have quite the same impact of stage performances. Being part of an audience at a live performance is an interactive experience. If the audience reacts poorly to a song, it may be changed or enhanced for the next performance. Stage performers are accustomed to noting audience reactions and adjusting their techniques during a show. The joining of music with stage action is a cohesive whole that tells an entire story for an audience, not just one episode in a single song.